Family (2017)

After my 365 project Ive continued taking personal pictures most weeks. This blog has a bunch of my favourites throughout the year so far. I'll update this post with images as the year progresses. I've more wedding work planned for this year but a relocation to Gävle (August 2017) means way more behind the scenes buisness building take up the majority of my time. Loads of great projects planned still!

Summer (July 2016)

I've just returned back from a few weeks in England visiting family, always great to get away recharge and sample some fine ales in the sun. Here are two weeks of images taken daily for my 365 project. Shot across Sweden and England (Göteborg, Stockholm, Njutånger, Hudiksval, Vrångö, Donsö, London, Brighton, Winchester, Portsmouth, Fair Oak and Southampton).

Parent Leave, Swedish Style (2015-2016)

My name is Andy Hayball, I'm a wedding photographer in Sweden. My wife Helen and I welcomed our daughter Olivia into this world on April 15th 2015. You're always told before the birth, enjoy every moment and milestone as they grow up quick. Olivia is no exception, she is developing very quickly! As a photographer it's very easy to miss the pictures that mean the most, pictures of family members often get ignored. Not this time.

Whilst on extended parent leave (November 2015 - November 2016) I will document her growth and development by taking a picture a day for a full year (365 project). I will upload each image to this blog with stylistic focus on documentation. I want to capture the day to day life as naturally as possible. Sweden as a nation and government are very encouraging with extended male parent leave so this project is titled Parent Leave, Swedish Style.

November 2016 update. This project has come to a successful close! I'm extremely grateful for having such a supportive wife throughout this project, I couldn't have made it alone. Also thanks to the many inspiring people in the photography industry that reached out to me. My project was featured by PetaPixel, CreativeLive, Bugaboo, The Photo Argus and Scott Kelby (Kelby One). Helping to showcase my work to thousands of people.

Thank you deeply to everyone that took time out of their days to come along for my 365 ride! See you on the next project!

Olivia Sundman Hayball (April 2015)

It gives me great pleasure and love to introduce our daughter Olivia. Born on Wednesday the 15th of April 2015 at 8:50am. She is a real character already and has been an absolute pleasure to meet. Below is a selection of images documenting her first three days of life outside the comfort of her mothers womb. Within ten minutes of being born she heard the sound of my cameras shutter and I haven't stopped since!